Shiloh Goldendoodles' Logo. Swishy text and pictures of our children holding Goldendoodle puppies.


Our family photo. We love Goldendoodles, especially Goldendoodle puppies.

Hello, and welcome to Shiloh Goldendoodles. We are a small Goldendoodles kennel located in the foothills of South Carolina (near Clemson). Take some time to look around our site. Remember to visit our previous litters page while you are here.

All of our Goldendoodle puppies are well socialized through a playful environment that includes lots of love from all of our six kiddos. These pups are daily exposed to the noise and activity of a busy household. By the time you adopt one of our puppies, they will be quite comfortable around people.

Retrievers and Poodles are ranked as the top 5 smartest breeds of dogs. The Goldendoodle is ranked as the number one most popular breed in America. Goldendoodles train easily and are always very eager to please.

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